What Actually Goes Into A Marketing Strategy? – Objectives

Part 4 of our marketing strategy basics is all about the objectives behind your strategy. If you haven’t already, read parts 1, 2 & 3 first!

In order to create the right marketing strategy for your business, you need to consider your objectives – what are your goals, what do you want to achieve from your marketing? You need to look at the different avenues of promotion you’re using.


Naturally as a business, your goal is to make money & attract new clients through your marketing, but you need to look deeper than that. Your goals will also differ as you go through your funnels: at the top of your funnel with lead magnets, free communities etc. your goal will obviously be rather different than further down your funnel when you sell your high priced offer i.e. wanting to bring ideal clients into your world with brand awareness vs. conversion to a high paying client.

There are many reasons to promote your business outside of direct sales including…

Brand Awareness
Building Relationships
Expanding Reach
Growing Audience
Establishing Authority

Take into account all your avenues of promotion: social media accounts, email marketing, website, blog, guest appearances, podcast, vlog, networking, print marketing & more. Now ask yourself these questions…

  • Where are these potentials in relation to your brand? Have they newly discovered you? Are they accessing all of your free value?
  • What kind of transformational journey can you take them on?
  • How can you best support these clients & their pain points?

Remember to put serving your audience first & sales second, your marketing will flourish.

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