Repetition is Only Boring to You!

To continue on from the post about recycling content: Repurposing Your Old Content, repetition is vital! Say it aloud, write it on a post-it, keep it somewhere that you can remember it, as it’s one of the most important lessons you can learn.

It may sound boring to you. It may feel like you’re nagging your audience or annoying them but the harsh truth is that everyone is paying a LOT less attention than you might think. Your perception of repetition is VERY different to your audience’s. They don’t spend 40+ hours of their week thinking about your business like you do. They don’t live & breathe sales copy, CRM, project management & all the others things we have constantly on our mind as business owners.

Only 14% of survey participants were ‘fairly likely’ to pay attention to social media ads.

Statista Research Department, January 2022

Repetition is therefore very important. Odds are they haven’t seen every story you’ve posted, or read every long caption properly. Of the ones they have seen they’ve probably only really paid attention to less than half. You audience are not only following you but most likely hundreds of others, they also use their scrolling time for pleasure, to relax. Because of this their attention will not stay on your content for long.

Remember to promote your services/products on a regular basis. Continue to use specific phrases that garner the best engagement. Shout about your upcoming masterclass or live as often as you can! The more you talk about it, the more likely they are to see it, pay attention & sign up.

How often do you repeat yourself & promote your offers?

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