Repurposing Your Old Content

Constantly trying to create new content – new images, new copy, new everything, is a sure fire way to become overwhelmed, out of ideas & burnt out. It’s also not the best use of your content! Using it only once and then throwing it out is a complete waste.

It is both useful & upsetting that your audience pay a lot less attention than you think. Whilst we’d like all of our content to go down infamously, remembered by all… it doesn’t work that way. People are busy & rather focused on their own lives. They see our content online, give it a like & continue to scroll.

After 3 months you can reuse content, as your audience will have forgotten about it!

The golden rule is 3 months! After 3 months any content, copy or images etc. is game to be repeated. You can reuse an entire post or cut it up – old copy with a new image or vice versa. If you have content older than 3 months, use that up first as the older the content the better, but as long as it’s 3 months old you can reuse it!

People also need repetition & reminders when it comes to information about your products & services. In order to gain consistent leads you need to be talking about your work consistently. So reuse your old content! If your audience is growing & new people are viewing your platform, why leave some fantastic copy in a drawer to collect dust? Get it out & use it again!

One response to “Repurposing Your Old Content”

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