The 5 Point Marketing System, 5 Day Course

Start your journey to better marketing now…

Are you a small business owner, trying to market your work but finding the process slow & difficult?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the platforms & information out there?

Do you want a marketing strategy that is simple & easy to maintain so that it doesn’t impede on your work or personal time?


Learn how to build a strong strategy, grow your audience & gain new leads through the 5 points…

  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Maintenance

Each day of the course will cover one of these points in a detailed video. You can follow along with your own printable course workbook!


One time only payment for lifetime access

Once you have paid you will have permanent access to this course by logging in to this page.

‘I loved this course. It gave me so much more clarity around how to make my business more organised. I’m still putting everything into place but I feel a lot clearer in the direction I’m headed and my mood board looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing where this takes me.’

– Leah Hyne

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