Little Crow is the social media company with a passion for helping small women-run businesses soar to new heights. Emulating the symbol the crow through work, providing clients with intelligent marketing strategies full of creative flair.

Striding forward in fearless pursuit of newer, better marketing so that your business can soar like never before. With a passion for making the work fit around your needs, flexible in services & work practises so that you are getting exactly what you need to make the most of your business.

Make the marketing work for you, not the other way around. Together we can identify what will support & uplift your business in the best possible way.

Company Values


Educating small business owners about the benefits of social media marketing, giving them the knowledge they need to get their message out into the world.


Encouraging women to step into their power as a boss & understand how capable they are so they can effectively promote their businesses.


Empowering women who run small businesses to take charge in the promotion of their business, by providing them with the tools & tricks of the trade.

So, why work with Little Crow Marketing?

  1. Have more time on your hands!
  2. Feel confident in your abilities!
  3. Grow your audience & gain new leads!

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