Marta Suchomska

100% recommending [The Simple Social Media Planner]! I keep opening mine and I don’t want to disturb its prettiness it with my writing! Also, if you need help with copywriting, I am speaking highly about Sophie! She listens to you and your needs and she applies EVERYTHING what you need/wish for!

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Josie Farms

My planner has arrived already 😮 I can’t wait to use it and get organised with my socials! I started a new job on Monday so when I’m more settled there will be no holding me back 😍✨ Thanks Soph ❤

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Sare Robinson

My social media planner arrived today and I love it ❤❤ Thank you Hun even the packaging was beautiful and the little hand written note ❤

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Debbie Mann

When a company has the Crow and the planner well… I had to invest and I’m not disappointed at all. Supporting small warms my little heart Simply beautiful ❤

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