What Actually Goes Into A Marketing Strategy? – Brand & Presentation

Part 5 of our marketing strategy basics is all about your branding and how you present your business to the world. Check out the rest of the series here!

Good (& accurate) branding and presentation is absolutely vital to a solid marketing strategy. Whilst we all know the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ this doesn’t actually apply to books… or businesses. Your visual branding is the first thing that potential clients are going to see – it’s going to make or break whether they want to look further into what you do. It needs to represent who you are as a company & what you stand for.


A brand is the identity of a business and its services. Your brand encompasses your business name, symbolism, colour scheme, typography, voice, values, & mission statement. It’s what identifies you amongst the market of your competitors.

Your brand needs to be determined by: who you are, what your business stands for, who you serve & how.

Once you’ve established your niche you can build your brand around it. Your voice, visual branding, marketing content etc. all need to set expectations for your audience & to do this they need to fit together & be consistent. You’re also going to need a strong tagline. Like the rest of your branding, it needs to set up expectations for your audience.


These choices for your brand then need to be presented consistently to your audience. Stick to your chosen primary & secondary typography as well as colour schemes for social media graphics; the style of your website etc. so that your branding becomes easily recognisable.

You should be able to share content & your audience is able to tell it’s you, without seeing your name. That’s how you know you’ve established your brand effectively.

Alongside selling to them, your audience needs to get to know you & take value from your content. When planning out your content, think about not only what your audience would like to see but who you are as a person – where your interests & strengths lie then prioritise them.

Always bring it back to your values & mission statement.

How do you present your business to the world?

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