What Actually Goes Into A Marketing Strategy? – Your Offers & How They Work With Your TA

This is part 7 of the What Actually Goes Into A Marketing Strategy series, if you’ve not read the rest of this series you can find them here. In this blog post we’re going to be talking about your offers as a business – and how that works cohesively with your target audience.

As mentioned in part 6, your target audience is are the people your business serves. They are who you want to turn into loyal fans and consumers of your business. Once they are keen followers of your business, you then want to sell to them. You want those potentials to convert into clients. In order for your offers to resonate and actually result in sales you’re going to need to establish that they are right for your TA and how best to provide those offers to meet needs and wants.

Validating Your Offers

You have an idea for what you want to sell – that’s great! But before you start creating and selling it, first you need to validate that idea to ensure it’s what your audience wants to pay for. Whatever solution or transformation you’re offering, you need to check it’s being provided in the right way for your audience. For example, whilst you may have an idea for live trainings, your audience may prefer pre-recorded units or workbooks to learn from. Do some market research to establish…

  • What your audience is struggling with
  • What it would mean for a solution to be provided
  • How they’d best like to receive that solution
  • How motivated they are to work for the solution
  • How much they would pay for it

Remember to validate as you create: get feedback on offer names, pricing, whether it’s a huge time commitment or something short. You’re setting your offer up for the most success!

Are your offers converting? How do they help your clients?

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