Does Your Voice Fit Your Brand?

As business owners we work hard to ensure that our work is reflected through an eye-catching, memorable brand that reflects our company. But how often do you consider the voice that represents that brand? The voice you use to narrate your business through your website, social media, blog posts and more, is just as important as the visual components. People buy from people. In just the same way that your audience wants to see the person behind the business – they also want to hear them, not just a generic, one-size-fits-all narrative. 

In the same way that we want to show parts of ourselves to our client base in order to be authentic, we can also use that to draw our ideal clients to us. As small business owners it is vital to have that personal aspect in our work. To interact and help our customers with a human touch. Customers choose small businesses over monoliths of speed and cheap products because of the personalisation we can offer them. 

The buying experience is vastly different with Amazon than it is from a small business. They offer a huge variety of products at cheap prices that can be delivered the very next day – that is where the customer experience usually ends. With small businesses there is more opportunity for human interaction. There are often personal touches in the packaging that not only look appealing but offer our thanks for their support. It is through these opportunities that we build a bond with our clientele.

But there are a multitude of businesses offering the same products and services as yours out there. What makes a potential client choose you over someone else? It isn’t the price or the speed of delivery, it all comes down to our voice. It comes down to who we are. What makes a person immediately pull out their wallet to purchase something is the connection they feel. By bringing your personality into your voice and brand, you are building that connection with like-minded people. 

Every way we interact with our clients should clearly show who we are, what our values are and why we are right for them. Your products may be very similar to your competitors but the feminist slant of your brand draws me in. The passion you have for working with mothers because you yourself are a mother, tells me I want to work with you over a different business coach. Your positive attitude makes me enjoy your content that much more than your competitor who tries to be so professional that they sound robotic. 

Big businesses that hire hundreds of employees don’t sound individual – how can they? They are not one, but many. Large chains that try to humanise their marketing with current slang, TikTok trends and quirky Twitter threads end up sounding fake. BUT as small business owners we can and need to show off our individuality, what makes us stand out and who we are as people. What separates us and gets a client to choose us, is US.

Inject the YOU, into your voice.

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