What Actually Goes Into A Marketing Strategy? – Target Audience

This is part 6 of the marketing basics series – if you’ve not read the rest you can check it out here. Part 6 is all about Target Audience: how to identify them, how to reach them & how to draw them in.

It’s all well & good creating a fantastic business with beautiful branding, but if you don’t know who you target audience is your business won’t reach them! In order to successfully create & sell your offers, you need to establish your target audience & promote those offers in the right way for them.

Who Are They?

Your Target Audience are the people your business serves. They are who you want to turn into loyal fans & consumers of your business. Whilst it may seem logical to try to advertise to everyone you can – it’s actually not beneficial. By niching down who you TA is, you are better able to directly market to them & create offers they actually need.

In order to identify your TA you need to consider: background, demographics, personality, goals, income level & most importantly: problems. Ultimately in it’s most simple form business is about offering a solution to a problem your clients have.

Where Are They?

Not only do you need to identify your Target Audience, but you also need to be able to reach them. This means marketing in places your TA spends time. In terms of social media take into account that each platform draws in a different audience – if your TA spends their time on Facebook, then there’s no sense in marketing on TikTok.

In order to establish where they are, ask yourself:

  • Who is already in your audience?
  • What are your current/previous clients like?
  • How did your previous clients find you?
  • What problems are you solving?
  • Who are you helping with your business?

How To Draw Them In

There are numerous ways you can draw your Target Audience in. The best way to start is by taking a look at your previous content & marketing strategies – which were best received? Identify what gets the most engagement &prioritise it.

Do market research. Regularly do polls, ask questions & gather all the data you can on your TA. By identifying their pain points, the most common phrases/keywords they use you can better write your copy to draw them in.

Communicate! Take the time to talk to your audience on an individual level. Get to know them, their goals, why they’re in your audience. Show that you care.

Who is your Target Audience? Are you reaching them with your content?

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