Take a Break from Social Media

Now this title may sound like a complete contradiction from the blog post: The Landscape of the Viral Video, but actually they’re separate parts of the same message. As I’ve mentioned before, social media can actually be good for your mental health if you’re utilising it in the right way. But, that doesn’t change the fact that as business owners we are on social media, the internet, & our screens A LOT.

Consider how much time you spend working on your business each week – how many of those hours are spent at a computer or on a phone? How often do you switch back into work-mode in order to network even when you’re just trying to scroll for fun?

You may not always notice it, but maintaining that & being ‘on’ all the time is exhausting. So here are a few ways to take a step back & avoid burn out…

Have set times each day where you’re completely off screens…

That means no work & no scrolling even for fun. If you hear any pings from notifications, ignore them! People are not entitled to be able to reach you at all hours. If you’re off your screens & out of work hours (if you don’t have office hours, pick some!) you have ZERO obligation to answer.

Book time off every now & then…

Whether you can only find the time for a morning off or you’re able to get a week off – book it & stick to it! It’s very hard to go completely off-grid away from your business, especially the first time, but it’s important. We all need time away & if you keep checking in during your ‘time off’, you won’t come back feeling refreshed & rested.

Schedule everything you can ahead of time…

The easiest way to minimise your screen time & social media time each week is to SCHEDULE! If you’re posting direct to your platforms each day, you’re spending more time on social media. Find a chunk of time to schedule posts for the week or month, that way you can reduce your social media time day-to-day.

How much time do you spend on social media/screens? I’m here to help you get everything in order so that you can take those breaks!

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