How To Get Organised With Your Social Media

Some very common social media marketing struggles I hear are: I can’t seem to find the time to consistently post to my socials; I don’t understand what I’m meant to be posting to promote my business; I get overwhelmed thinking about everything that needs to be done in a marketing strategy. If you feel this way then you are definitely not alone. As I’ve mentioned many times before, small business owners have a LOT on their plate.

You can combat the difficulties of lack of time, lack of understanding and feelings of overwhelm by simplifying your social media marketing, & streamlining your practises. Here’s how to get started…

Assess Your Personal 24 Hours

Before you can begin to commit to specific tasks & strategies to market your business, you first need to assess how you’re spending your time. There is no point in spending 10 hours a week marketing your business, if you only work on your business for 25 hours a week.

Take into account how many hours you spend working with clients or making & packaging up products. Consider what other tasks have be done weekly such as invoicing, emails, running your website, blogging etc. How many hours is it in total? Ideally you should only be using 5-10% of that time to market your business.

Consider How Many Avenues You Use

By this I mean how many ways you reach, communicate with & build relationships with your audience. Any form of digital marketing can be included within this: social media pages, email lists, paid ads, blogs, guest speaking, groups, websites & forums etc.

Odds are you’ve probably tried to start up a variety of accounts over your time as a business owner. If you have minimal time to spend marketing – you’ll need to slim that down. All platforms are created equal, but some are more equal than others (to paraphrase Animal Farm) – take a look at your avenues, they won’t all be as successful as others. Which reach new audiences, gain leads & grow your pool of potentials?

Start Small – Consistency Over Frequency Every Time

Don’t try to reach for the moon on your first voyage. It’s going to take time for you to set up strategies & onboarding systems. Rushing ahead to use a range of strategies is a sure fire way to ruin your consistency. Start with one strategy & do it properly & to completion, before moving on to the next implementation.

Build up your empire step by step, so take your time to get consistent posting to social media before moving on to weekly blog posts or booking in regular calls before setting up a strategy to maintain those potential relationships.

Do you struggle to get organised with social media marketing? Why not book a free, no obligations call!

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