The YOU Behind Your Socials

When you think of marketing & social media marketing specifically, you probably think about launch campaigns, platform engagement, sales funnels or paid advertisements. But that’s not all it is. There’s actually a huge element of the personal that goes into an effective social media strategy.

People like to buy from other people, not nameless, faceless brands. Because of this it’s important that we incorporate an aspect of our personal lives & personality into our marketing strategies. Now that doesn’t mean to say that we are expected or meant to share every aspect of our lives with our audience. Instead we share what I refer to as ‘Public Personal’.

‘Public Personal’ something I talk about frequently in my 1:1s. It’s important as small businesses to share yourself with your audience. Your small business cannot match a big chain’s marketing campaign – but you can do something that they can’t – you can connect on an individual human level. Now the reason I have dubbed this ‘Public Personal’ is because although you’re sharing your true authentic self with your potential clients, there are parts of your life, your opinions, your interests etc. that you don’t want to be sharing. ‘Public Personal’ encompasses the aspects of the real you that you are willing (& should) share on your platforms.

Branding is, at it’s core, YOU.

Your Public Personal are facets of you that will help your audience to trust & develop a bond with you. So what should you be sharing with your audience?

  • Your Business Origin Story
  • Your WHY
  • The passion behind your work
  • Your experience & qualifications
  • What makes you different from others in your industry
  • Who I am outside of work
  • Your goals & dreams
  • Your hobbies & interests
  • Aspects of life your such as favourite foods, shows, books etc.
  • Selfies! [people love to have a face to put with the name]

Controversial topics & opinions that may alienate parts of your audience should be kept for your personal social media accounts, but don’t be afraid to allow your audience to get to know YOU. They care a lot more than you may realise.

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