The Importance of a Good Marketing Strategy

‘I can’t promote my product, I feel like no one is interested.’

‘I can’t sell my service at that price, no one will buy it!’

‘No one wants what I’m offering no matter how hard I try.’

These are common phrases I hear from clients when we start & audience members who are overwhelmed from trying to sell their offers & frustrated with the lack of success. It’s a difficulty that comes up time & time again for people in all sorts of industries. That no matter how good their product or service is, no matter much it could help their ideal client… people just aren’t buying.

Despite what you may think, it’s not down to…

  • It being too pricey
  • Who you are
  • What they can expect

It’s down to marketing! Either the lack of or because you’re choosing the wrong strategies for your business. Marketing is not a one size fits all & it has to connect & resonate with your target audience in order to gain traction. There is a market for everything, no matter how small the niche or unusual the product.

House of Lancaster uses any broken biscuits that can’t be put into normal packets, to sell them as big boxes of broken ones, cheaper than the usual price. They’re offering BIG VALUE for LOWER COSTS that appeal to lots of people, especially during this cost of living crisis.

Glitter Retribution allows you to not only send glitter canons in the post as a prank or to your enemies, but also a ‘Potato in a Box’ – it’s funny, definitely odd, & it also proves that if they can sell a potato being posted to someone you know for £8.99, then you can sell your offers!

It’s all about marketing your product or service in the right way.

Book a call now to boost your business with a marketing strategy curated just for you.

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