Social Media Management vs. 1:1 Coaching – The Pros & Cons

You’re a small business owner looking to level up your business. To grow your client list, to have more time freedom, to reach a new income goal. You know that you need to invest in yourself to reach these aims, you’re ready & willing to work for it, but there’s so much information out there – so many packages, courses & routes to go. It can be hard to know where to look!

I’m going to break down what you can expect from ‘done for you’ social media management & ‘done with you’ 1:1 Coaching so that you can see the pros & cons, the work involved, the financial investment & make an informed decision for your business…

Social Media Management

Social media management is a service that is completely done for you. The content is planned, created, written, scheduled & monitored for you, following your business values, goals & voice. Usually done on a monthly basis with regular communication with you, letting you know about any information or media that is required to promote your work accurately & effectively.

– One less task for you to do yourself
– Expert content creation
– Always done in advance
– Don’t need to learn all about social media yourself
– Professional marketing strategies

– Monthly financial commitment
– Required to check over work

As mentioned above, social media management is an ongoing monthly financial commitment. I have however, a number of packages available that are customisable to your exact needs with varying prices.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is more of a collaboration than social media management. It’s a form of teaching where you are guided through the process. You’ll be talked through what’s involved in a marketing strategy & how to accomplish your goals with effective social media content. This is usually done through video calls & reports so that you can implement the changes & feedback suggested.

– One off payment
– Lessons, resources & tools you can utilise forever
– Professional guidance through the processes
– Support available for any questions you have
– Regular feedback & recommendations
– You’re in control

– Have to implement the work yourself
– Time & work commitment

I provide 2 coaching services: a 1 hour 1:1 Check Up where your social media marketing is audited & you are provided with a detailed report & action plan to put the new strategies in place. I also offer a 12 Week Programme supporting you through the process of building a marketing strategy from the ground up, including 3 months worth of content, engagement tactics, tools & resources to monitor the progress.

Ultimately both services have many benefits, it comes down to your skillset, current knowledge, goals, budget & what you’d like to get out of it. Want to discuss your options? Let’s chat!

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