Mailing Lists – Are They Worth It?

If you’re a small business owner who’s actively trying to network & learn how to improve your business then you’ll have undoubtedly heard that you should be building a mailing list. Probably more than once.

SO… what is a mailing list?

A mailing list is an ongoing collection of audience member email addresses that you can market to via emails or ‘newsletters’. This is usually done through a third party webmail software such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Zoho Campaigns.

Are they worth it?

‘64% of B2B marketers say their email marketing strategy was effective for meeting business goals in 2021’.

Hubspot Blog Research

As a social media marketing specialist I would argue that whilst a mailing list is not the most important facet of your marketing strategy, it is a vital one. Social media is a fantastic, free, tools available to all business owners no matter their budget, time or knowledge, to use to grow their business. It does however, also have it’s drawbacks.

Social media platforms are not something we have control over. We are at the whims of platform community standards and rules. There is always a risk of bans and or losing your account altogether. Because of this, you need a backup. This is where a mailing list is unmatched.

Build your mailing list alongside your social media platforms so that you have other avenues of reaching your audience. It also provides another path for marketing to your ideal client including…

  • Providing added value to committed followers
  • Offering special discounts/giveaways just to mail subscribers
  • Reaching them on a more personal level right in their inbox
  • Customisation options so your emails speak directly to each subscriber
  • Adds to your professionalism as mailing lists are standard for most businesses
  • Provides data so you can cater your emails even more to your IC by analysing which emails are opened more

Email lists are definitely worth having and can make a huge difference to your business and your sales.

So are you ready to build one? Unsure where to start? Let’s chat!

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