Social Media is the Middle Man

When you think of social media, what comes to mind?

  • Viral TikTok dances that shot the platform to the top of popularity?
  • Facebook rants about controversial but random topics, like pineapple on pizza?
  • A place for sarcastic comments or random acts of kindness trends?

But what if I told you social media was actually the key to driving traffic & paying customers to your business for free? That social media is the best tool for small businesses to get visible & known. Small businesses don’t have the budget that corporations do, as such a number of marketing avenues aren’t as accessible to them, social media however, levels the playing field to a certain extent.

Everyone can use social media. From young teenagers to your 90 year old grandmother. Between the range of platforms available, almost every demographic is covered. Demographics that you can reach! By having the right marketing strategy you can reach, build trust with, convert & sell to, your ideal client.

But social media isn’t the be all, end all. It’s not the final destination for your clients. It’s the middle man. The aim with social media marketing is to find your audience, develop that relationship & then push them towards your website to buy from you. Social media is the middle man between your customers & your products or services. Your strategy needs to revolve around catching their interest & convincing them to leave that platform to visit your corner of the internet, your site.

How are you pushing people to your site?

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