Small Business is the Future

Marketing is a massive industry, spanning numerous subsections such as social media, email marketing, print marketing & it is a whole job all on it’s own [just take a look at my work]. As such, small business owners will not be able to replicate the same strategies as a big chain company. Whilst many small businesses are a one man band, big chains have large marketing departments behind them.

You won’t be able to replicate their marketing, but you don’t need to!

The landscape of marketing is changing drastically in this ‘Covid 19, work-from-home’ world. People are yearning to work from home or for themselves. Many are no longer so eager for corporate office jobs. There is a push for sustainability that is not supported by huge corporations due to their large amounts of plastic & carbon footprint etc. As such a vast number of people are seeking out small businesses to buy from instead.

Small businesses are very much in favour & on trend, you do not need to try & emulate large chains in your marketing. What you need to be doing instead is focusing on…

  • The personal/human touch
  • What makes you unique
  • Your passion & aims
  • What your business means to you

These are aspects that big corporations CANNOT replicate without it seeming inauthentic. This is what will draw your ideal client to you & show them that you are the right business for them.

What’s makes you & your business stand out?

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