The Meaning Behind ‘Little Crow’

Little Crow Marketing is a social media management, coaching & copywriting business created to support small women-run businesses with their marketing. Helping them to save time & grow their audiences through the values of Educate, Encourage, Empower. The company was founded June 2021 & has since grown exponentially. From offering social media management to introducing copywriting, coaching programmes, launching courses & plenty more to come!

But what’s the meaning behind the name?

It’s a unique name within the industry, I’ll admit it. It’s probably a unique name for any industry… unless you happen to work in a witchcraft shop perhaps. Many people ask me what inspired the name, the reasons behind it. I chose it for a number of reasons – both for my personality and what it represents in the business. Prior to starting the company I knew I needed to come up with a name that would stand out but still be clear on what it does, to reflect my individuality & also showcase the appeal of this company.

I love the gothic genre, in books & movies, clothing, décor & life as a whole, I have done since I was young. Crows are prevalent feature in the genre, along with a few other animals. Whilst I looked at those animals as well [foxes, wolves, deer], ultimately the crow fit best. They are unapologetic survivors, intelligent & resourceful. In business they represent what I strive to achieve for my clients – freedom to allow them to do what they like in life with a successful business behind them. I help them achieve that through creative, intelligent marketing strategies & a fearless pursuit of knowledge. Constantly learning how to be better & do better.

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