Michelle Foulia

‘I recently got invited to Sophie’s group and it has completely revolutionised the way I think about my business. I had decided I hated social media and was going to focus on traditional PR because I just didn’t ‘get’ social media and didn’t want to get sucked in to it all.

Well how wrong I was!

Sophie has managed to make scary social media for business, absolutely understandable and doable! We’ve had a great discovery call and I now have a doable plan of action. Through her group I’m learning heaps in manageable bite sized pieces so it’s not only NOT scary now, but I’m growing to love my online community and feel excited posting! Who would have thought!

I’m looking forward to a long term collaboration with Sophie bringing in her writing skills, marketing skills and copywriting skills to my businesses and helping me realising my huge goals!

Plus, she is a natural encourager and cheerleader of your business ❤️

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