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Do you have a story to tell? A step by step live, online course to teach you how to write your story, publish and make an impact with your message…

According to The New York Times 81% of people asked said they want to write their book but only 1% actually do it. Why? What holds them back? Perhaps the same reasons that are holding you back. Do any of the following resonate?

  • You feel overwhelmed just at the thought of it
  • You have journals and notepads sitting around and you have no idea where to start and how to put it all in a book
  • You don’t know how much to include in your book, and what to leave out
  • You are worried about upsetting people who are still alive and might read it
  • You have so much to share but revisiting those memories is a painful and paralysing process.
  • You don’t know how to publish your book even if you were to write it!

Do you go the traditional publisher route? How do you pitch a book? If you self-publish, how do you know everything you need to do? What’s the process and how do you even promote it?

Over the course of this programme, we take your hand to guide you through the process of getting into the right mindset, writing your story, getting it ready to pitch, your publishing options and how to market it. Your story/message/journey can inspire and help others who are going through similar experiences so what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to write a memoir, autobiography, self help book, children’s book or something else entirely!

Get from overwhelmed to organised as you embark on your journey of becoming an author. Develop your ideas and outline in a community of like-minded souls with expertise from S. M. Mitchell Author & Little Crow Marketing with 6 years experience in the writing industry.

About Me

I’m Sophie, I’m a multi-published dark fantasy author, copywriter, social media manager and marketing coach. I have a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and co-founded a traditional publishing house back in 2019, with experience in both the traditional publishing and self publishing industries. I have written my own experiences into fictional pieces a number of times and am now working on an autobiography about my journey.

I have a huge passion for words – their power, their etymology, their ability to evoke emotion and help people. My aim is for my words, trauma and experiences to go out into the world to help teenagers and other survivors heal and understand that they are not alone. I’m passionate about helping aspiring authors to write their book, publish it and market it so that they reach the right audience and get their message out there.

The Course

We will meet once per week live on Google Meet (recordings will be available in our private Facebook group) to cover all the topics included in our 12 modules, with time for questions and answers after each module. Starting February 2023!

You will not be expected to complete your book during this course, but you will be equipped and prepared for the journey ahead and have all the tools and knowledge to successfully write your story. You will have the opportunity to make a strong start, with a plan for the duration of your memoir writing journey.

Doing this course is the first step to helping you realise your dream of writing your story. You will always be part of our online and email community for continued support, encouragement, useful tips and connections. And I’m always at the end of a phone or email or message if you want to run something by me or get guidance. 

Beta Price £650

Payment plans available.

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